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Although we are not thinking about it, the way we work every day, and what habits do directly affect our overall health.

Violet and generally colored vegetables are highly desirable in nutrition. We mean beetroot, purple onion, carrots, etc., because these foods literally abound with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the organism.

We are sure that you know that vitamin D is the one that affects the secretion of serotons, as a hormone of happiness, and that the main source of vitamin D is the sun! This vitamin is important not only in terms of our mood, but primarily for immunity, and although it can be consumed as supplements, the one we receive from the sun is irreplaceable, so – no matter how you have the obligation to have, do not forget to take every moment to stay outside.

Our ancestors spent their time in walking, running, action, and the way we spend most of our day – 8 hours in a sitting position is by no means a natural state for a man, and therefore not good for our health.

Power of Water

The importance of water for the health of an organism is huge – it literally cleans our body of toxins, it hydrates us, which is directly related to the amount of energy we have during the day.

Health Drinks

We know that coffee is your favorite drink – things are the same with us! We will not tell you that you should give it up, because caffeine is in certain quantities and desirable, but you should certainly limit its intake, as well as to take into account the way and in which combination it is consumed.

As for quantities – you do not need to drink more than 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day (think of small cups), and what is especially important – do not drink coffee with milk, because this combination is like a concrete bomb for your stomach, or if Drinking coffee with the addition of milk will make it much slower than when you drink pure black coffee.


Your health and productivity in all life spans are directly related to the diet you use every day.

Eat in moderate amounts
Do not eat fast and gentle, think about the food you eat during the meal
Eat a variety of foods
Have 5 meals a day
Drink plenty of water
Do not mix intentions of a different composition

The pyramid of food is a visual display of foods that should be represented in everyday nutrition. The quantities of foods you are taking are individual and dependent on your organism – whether you are healthy, in the growth and development phase, whether you have diabetes, do you have physical and mental problems everyday, a chronic illness that requires a special diet, or you simply want to Keep it healthy.

At the food pyramid, pay attention to the amount of foods you take daily, the type of meat you eat (not all the same), and the oil you use.

It is desirable for food to be treated as little as possible, because in this way the nutrients are stored in them. An important point – do not combine carbohydrates and proteins. This means that meat, eggs, cheese, nuts should not be mixed with bread, potatoes, cereals. Carbohydrates prevent the secretion of juices for digestion of food, so foods remain in the body for a long time and produce toxins and gases. Also, you should not combine carbohydrates and protein with acid fruit and vegetables.

The plate model is also interesting. It also presents the visualization of nutrients to be found on your plate. The disadvantage of this model is that there is no prescribed amount required for a single meal.


So we have beach, sand, sea and sun. How to start training?

Start with wet sand. Run along the coast, ideally along the border until the wave quasi sand, there is the strongest and the change is the smallest

Most runners and runners will, with their usual technique, run on their heels. On the sand this is inadequate for two reasons:

Much more knee load because you do not have running shoes
The sand is not a hard surface as much as concrete, the heel will fall and your fingers will not easily be able to cast you forward

Therefore, try to wait on the front of the foot, on the side, or as normal as possible. First lower your fingers, then allow the heel to fall only slightly.


Listen to the body and watch for sudden or unusual pain, running along the sand is similar, but still enough new activity for your body. Do not force him.

Choose the parts of the beach that are flat, inconvenient if the waves make a mild dune of sand, because one foot will be more burdened.

Mandatory stretching after training, special emphasis on leaves.