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Healthy nutrition – a model for healthy and long life

Healthy nutrition – a model for healthy and long life

How many times did you not have the strength to get out of bed? Going to work? Come to town? You go to the cinema? How many times have you been tired as soon as you get up, and the day just started with a cup of coffee? If your answers to these questions are YES, it’s time to deal with your life, health and nutrition. Your health and productivity in all life spans are directly related to the diet you use every day.

What really means healthy nutrition?
How complicated it looks, keeping it healthy is very simple. Some guidelines must be followed:

Not every organism is the same, each requires a different nutrient ratio
The needs of an organism for food are individual
Eat in moderate amounts
Do not flirt
Do not eat fast and gentle, think about the food you eat during the meal
Always eat at the table
Eat a variety of foods
Have 5 meals a day
Do not squeeze between the main meals, preferably eat at the same time every day
Drink plenty of water
Do not mix intentions of a different composition
Do not eat too much spicy food

Proper nutrition also involves dealing with the spot, as much as you like and how much you can endure. Physical activity should be tailored to your abilities.

What is a food pyramid?
The pyramid of food is a visual display of foods that should be represented in everyday nutrition. The quantities of foods you are taking are individual and dependent on your organism – whether you are healthy, in the growth and development phase, whether you have diabetes, do you have physical and mental problems everyday, a chronic illness that requires a special diet, or you simply want to Keep it healthy.

At the food pyramid, pay attention to the amount of foods you take daily, the type of meat you eat (not all the same), and the oil you use.

It is desirable for food to be treated as little as possible, because in this way the nutrients are stored in them. An important point – do not combine carbohydrates and proteins. This means that meat, eggs, cheese, nuts should not be mixed with bread, potatoes, cereals. Carbohydrates prevent the secretion of juices for digestion of food, so foods remain in the body for a long time and produce toxins and gases. Also, you should not combine carbohydrates and protein with acid fruit and vegetables.

The plate model is also interesting. It also presents the visualization of nutrients to be found on your plate. The disadvantage of this model is that there is no prescribed amount required for a single meal.

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