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Here’s where we can all use dandelion

Here’s where we can all use dandelion

Dandelion, Taraxacum officinale, is a free superfood. This self-contained medicinal plant grows literally everywhere and is at hand.

All parts of the plant are usable, and can be used fresh for green mushroom juice, salad and preparation of dishes (risotto, sauce or pasta in which swine substitute is substituted).

We dry it for tea, or we make it from wine, jam and brandy. Even unopened buds can acidify as capers. From the buttermilk it is possible to get a whole range of dietary food products – from salads to wintering.

It was popularized as a first-Arab medicinal plant as early as the 11th century, and in the 16th century it was declared the official drug, diuretic. It contains abundance of vitamin A (in sheets it has more than carrots) and C, then magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium and phosphorus, but also cramatic acid, so it is not recommended for arthritis sufferers.

In folk medicine it is used for cleansing, it is a powerful diuretic, stimulates the kidney’s activity and the formation of the bile, it calms the stomach, cleans the liver, reduces cholesterol.

List of butter is recommended as a spring supplement, especially for elderly, pregnant women and men in menopause and diabetics.

As a syrup is used against coughing and for strengthening the body. The root is a mild laxative for the treatment of imprisonment and digestive disorders. Leaves are a powerful diuretic, with preference to other diuretics, as they contain a lot of potassium that replaces one that loses the body with increased urination. As a strong diuretic dandelion stimulates water evolution and metabolism; Enhanced liver and other glands work, so the acidity of the digestive system is increased, more bile and more pancreatic juices, which helps digestion of fatty foods.

Certainly, a person who is on medication should take it moderately, because dandruff may affect the absorption and action of some medicines due to liver and kidney action. Also, by diluting your blood, do not take a butter kuru if you are taking medicines for blood thinning.

Butter tips can reduce blood sugar levels and are recommended as a dietary supplement for diabetics.

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