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Renew your body and improve immunity

Renew your body and improve immunity

Russian professor Hristo Mermerski is a world-renowned doctor and scientist who claims that food and natural ingredients can heal and regulate a lot. He has on several occasions given various recipes that can help people to deal with health problems, and the most popular one is for the benefit of the whole organism.

Professor Mermeski claims that the consumption of this recipe can cure the entire body – cleanses the blood vessels, heals the heart, restores the immune system, cleans the liver, the kidneys, the entire system of excretion, and the digestive system of the pathogenic microflora. Also, this mixture prevents the infarction, and it also helps people who have passed through the same. It improves brain activity, concentration and memory, and even regulates body weight.

400 grams of wheat cursed (hereinafter referred to as instructions)
15 fresh, organic lemon
12 whole white onions
1 kg of homemade honey
400 g of fresh nuts

First of all, you need to prepare spring wheat. This is done by placing 400 gr of wheat in a sterilized glass jar and pouring it in water, and let it stand overnight. After 12 hours, stop using a clean cloth / gauze to drain the water from the jar and wash the rinses well and squeeze it through the gauze. Leave the sifted wheat in the jar. After 24 hours, wheat with calls is obtained (1-2 mm length).

Then it is necessary to grind the curly wheat, walnuts and cleaned onions onions. Then grind 5 lemons, and then add the previously dried mixture and mix it all together in an enamel pot.

From the remaining lemon, squeeze the juice and mix with the pre-prepared mixture until it becomes homogeneous. In the end, add honey and mix with a wooden varnish until it is completely sealed.

Dissolve the resulting mass in the jars and store in the refrigerator. After three days it is ready for consumption.

The mixture is used by taking 1 or 2 tablespoons of the spoon for 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, dinner and sleep. Use this until you fix the problem, and the prevention works once a year for several days.

If you are ill, it is best that you do not take this prescription without consulting your doctor.

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